Before discussing the Tuition Assistance Training Program, I would like to thank a group of anonymous maritime lawyers who are generously donating money to help us sustain our programs. They are well aware of the need for our program since they deal with merchant mariners, seamen, or dockworkers who have been seriously on the job. Many of the workers never return to their former jobs and need retraining. Although The Jones Act, formally known as the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, safeguards specific rights of seamen when they qualify under the law, maritime lawyers bring legal actions on the behalf of an injured seaman, against ship owners, ship captain, or other crew members after an accident has occurred using the Jones Act as well as using provisions in admiralty law. Admiralty law is a federally recognized body of laws that formalizes the long-standing maritime maintenance and cure traditions for seamen. Although maritime lawyers win compensation for many of their clients, this law firm also recognizes that many injured seamen and maritime workers do not use lawyers. Once their compensation from insurance companies of the ship owners is gone, they still may not be able to return to work and will need retraining. If you live in Alabama and are interested in out program, don’t hesitate to contact us.


GOAL: To increase the employment and earning potential of the individual through the attainment of a certificate or two-year degree.
Provides partial funding for tuition, uniforms, textbooks, fees and  tools for WIA approved programs.

Check for training institutions and programs: WIA Eligible Service Provider List
The Workforce Investment ACT (WIA)  Training Scholarships

   A limited number of WIA funded training scholarships are available each year for individuals to acquire skills  that are currently in demand.
To Qualify:
•    Must be in need of training services to re-enter labor force. One must also have skills that are no longer in demand; have low wage job skills; or little or no work history.
•    Must be able to enter labor force quickly through short-term training (104 weeks or less).
•    Must register for work at local Employment Service and actively pursue work with assistance from the Career Center.
•    Must complete an Initial Assessment of Reading Skills, Math Skills, Interests, Aptitudes and Employability Skills.
•    Must meet WIA eligibility criteria for Youth, Adult and /or Dislocated Worker Services. Eligibility does not constitute an automatic awarding of a scholarship. It only establishes that you are eligible for consideration.

Ideal recipients are seriously attempting to gain professional skill sets and will use them to find gainful employment. The emphasis is on re-entry to the labor force. If you currently have skills or training that is either no longer in demand, or have been unable to find work using those talents, but are willing to learn a new trade please complete the initial assessment mentioned above and apply. This would include any worker who has been displaced, former employer relocated, or whose employer has ceased operation.

Older workers should not be discouraged. Psychological issues such as stress, fatigue, low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety caused the the loss of a job and its financial consequences can impact both men and women in negative ways. Seek help from your medical practitioner if you are experiencing such psychological issues as mentioned above as well as low libido. A qualified physician can identify whether biochemical imbalances play a contributing role to a drop in a person’s libido or if it just from other outside stress factors.

Please make sure to read the above requirement carefully, as come commitments are required in order to qualify for assistance. One important goal is to quickly train (short term training) and place motivated workers. We have had success in placing people in occupations as varied as data entry personnel, drivers, and technicians. Businesses have included manufacturers (such as Oak Industries), health care service providers (including hCG diet plan originators Diet Doc and nursing home managers Prentess & Holmes). Borne Corp. (makers of the ubiquitous markers) has also offered positions involving servicing their delivery vehicles.

Do not apply if you are a recent graduate, or if you are currently employed. This program is designed to help older workers who have not been able to find employment with their former skills or training.

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