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Is your business searching for ways to:
•    Increase cash flow
•    Reduce recruitment and training costs
•    Maximize profits
In today’s employment market, many employers are faced with absorbing all costs of training.
There is a better . . . more cost efficient way!
•    On-The-Job Training (train new hires)
•    WIA Incumbent Worker Training Program (re-train and enhance skills of existing employees)

WIA Incumbent Worker Training

Funded by the U.S. Department of Labor, the Alabama Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Incumbent Worker Training Program is administered by the Workforce Development Division of ADECA. The program provides funding for customized employee training for existing businesses that are experiencing difficulties in staying competitive. 

Through this customer-driven program, Alabama is able to effectively retain businesses and to keep businesses competitive through skills upgrade training for employees.

The state is making an effort to take advantage of lower costs and gorgeous vacation environments to attract tourism, especially sports travelers. Alabama has some of the finest waterfront between Gulfport and Pascagoula, along with world class golf courses near all major cities. WIA aid is permitting local merchants that provide services to water sports enthusiasts and golfers to hire trainees they would otherwise not be able to afford. The major golf courses have benefited through this program with employees as diverse as sales clerks and golf pros. To attract families on vacation, these organizations are offering special packages for kids, families and small groups. In coordination with WIA, many golf organizations are also promoting equipment sales through both brick and mortar as well as online stores in the state. So it’s not surprising to find sales on kids golf equipment, kids golf clubs, childrens golf apparel, and discounted fairway fees for families. As the gulf coast recovers from the Transocean disaster, the state is seeing success with the tourism project, and specifically the water recreation and golf themed programs, and we hope to be able to report that it was refunded later this year.

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On-The-Job Training

Employer Benefits

•    Monthly reimbursement up to 50% of trainee’s hourly wage
•    Employer makes all hiring decisions
•    Tailored training
•    Employers save recruiting, screening and training costs
•    Length of training is negotiable
•    OJT trainees are treated like regular employees
•    Quick approval time
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General Requirements
•    Employers must have worker’s compensation or approved, on-site accident insurance
•    Full-time employment is generally required
•    Minimum paperwork
Performance Based On-The-Job Training

Performance-Based On-The-Job Training Agreements are designed to offer training for a large volume of employees for a short period of training. This includes skilled and/or unskilled workers when time is of the essence (need trained employees fast).
•    For groups of 15 or more
•    Participants must complete training and be employed for one full work day to qualify for reimbursement
Training hours, training plans and number of trainees, cost and wages are negotiated through the Office of Workforce Development on a case-by-case basis. All Performance-Based agreements are different based on the employer’s needs at the time.

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